How to have more sexual encounters

What is considered sexual interaction varies from person to person. However, some examples include kissing, touching, licking, masturbation, vaginal sex, and oral sex.

Using sex as a tool to build intimacy is a great way to increase intimacy in your relationship. Some tips to help you have more sexual encounters include: taking turns sexing, extending foreplay, and dressing up.

Take Turns Initiating

Many couples find it challenging to initiate sex in fresh ways. This is especially true for long-term couples. Initiation looks different for every couple, and the best way to learn what works is to ask your spouse.

Be sure to discuss how your partner likes to be cued arousal, as this will help you determine what kind of initiation attempts turn them on. Also, consider taking the Lover app’s Desire Discrepancy journey together to understand more about what your sex preferences are and how they may change over time.

It’s also helpful to agree on a regular schedule for getting sex, so that one partner doesn’t feel left out or rejected when they aren’t able to get laid.

Extend Foreplay

Just like a marathon or a bar exam, great sex requires a good pre-game. A few minutes of cuddling, stroking, and kissing may be all that you need to warm up for penetration.

Consider introducing new sexual techniques into your foreplay routine. For example, stroking the stomach, inner thighs, and breasts can be an intensely pleasurable form of pre-sex.

Another fun option is to try acting out your partner’s sexual fantasies. This may feel a bit cheesy at first, but it can be an excellent way to build up arousal and increase the chances of orgasm. Oral stimulation is also a huge turn on.

Don’t Focus All Your Energy on Sex

Although it’s a goal for many couples, sexual encounters shouldn’t be the focus of every date night. This can increase stress for both partners and slam the brakes on intimacy.

Instead, focus on building emotional intimacy through things like kissing and hugging. Then, when the time is right, you can initiate sex.

It’s also important to do things that feel sensual, whether it’s putting on lingerie, reading romance novels or listening to erotica, doing yoga, or doing something playful together. This will help keep the libido up and make sex more exciting when the time is right. Then, you can have a much more fulfilling sex life!

Take Sex Out of the House

Every couple has different sexual needs and desires. Whether you want to spice things up with foreplay or experiment with new positions, try taking your sexual encounters out of the bedroom and into alternative places. Laundry rooms, kitchen counters and stairways are popular choices, but you can get creative and use your imagination.

Experts agreed that getting creative with surfaces, props and your body can increase libido outside of the bedroom. They also recommend finding playful ways to signal that you’re in the mood for sex, such as wearing specific jewelry or placing a note on your partner’s dresser. You can also schedule sexy time on your calendar so that you can look forward to it.

Stay Intimate Together

Sometimes a partner may not feel spontaneous desire. In this case, having a bath together, giving each other massages or snuggling up on the couch can create intimacy that feels just as good as sexual intimacy.

If you do want to try something new in the bedroom, ask your partner what they prefer. Some partners may have certain areas of their bodies that they prefer to masturbate – this is called “outercourse.”

This can be a great way to discover new avenues of pleasure, as well as creating an intimate bond between you and your partner. This is especially important in an intimate relationship, because it can lead to greater feelings of emotional and spiritual intimacy.